1st Winner
#142 3D files Solidworks - STEP-IGES-STL by Pablo Gosso
Hi Lesterngbp.
As you requested here are the 3D files for concept #100.
All details on materials and assembly are also included.
PCB and battery according to specs.
Looking forward to your feedback,
Aug 9, 2017 16:17
#23 Hand Pulse Detector V2 by Pablo Gosso
Hi lesterngbp
Attached Concept 2
Following your specs for look & feel I also use same strategy, Iconic shape, easy to recognize. Minimalistic and good design rules with some small texture details just to add a subtle design flavor, this time the details are in the soft plastic parts, leaving the metal plates clean to appreciate the shapes.
Hope you find it suitable for your product,
Looking forward to your feedback, Pablo
Jul 13, 2017 21:31
#34 Hand Pulse Detector V2-1 Color Update by Pablo Gosso
Color Update
Jul 14, 2017 12:29
#81 HPD V3 by Pablo Gosso
Hi lesterngbp,
Key Features:
Designed towards Family use
Clean Sharpless Iconic Shape
Enhanced Ergonomic for different hand sizes
Hope you like it
Looking forward to your feedback, Pablo
Jul 17, 2017 14:29
#100 Concept 1 New panels and look and feel concepts by Pablo Gosso
Hi Lesterngbp,
Attached a product view for Concept 1.
Also, a panel exploring 3 different Look and feels all within the family use scenario
Enjoy, Pablo
Jul 18, 2017 12:49
#38 Hand Detector V1-1 by Pablo Gosso
Same model just a look and feel change to follow use environment.
Looking forward to your feedback to see if we follow concept 1 classic or concept 2.
Kind regards, Pablo
Jul 14, 2017 14:48
#106 HPD Concept 4 by Pablo Gosso
Hi Lestern,
As suggested here a cubist design. No texture simple and minimalist.
Enjoy Pablo
Jul 18, 2017 17:00
#14 Hand Pulse Detector Concept 1 by Pablo Gosso
Hi lesterngbp,
The concept is looking for for an iconic shape, minimalistic with some industrial design fine details to add a bit of drama to the metal plates.
The details on the metal plates can be added as a laser engraving in order to add grip without modifying the grabbing surface.
I just need your approval that this kind of details can be added to the metal plates without affecting its conductivity
As you can see I went for a male look and feel but we can easily make it look more femenine or even neutral.
This is just the warm up.
Looking forward to your feedback, Pablo
Jul 13, 2017 16:28
#143 Concept 100# by Pablo Gosso
As Lucian request here is a clear image of Concept 100
Aug 9, 2017 18:16


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