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1st Winner
#53 Prosthetic Cover Design Crossfit by Pablo Gosso
Look and feel Concept
Following the previous concept, I created a structure that resemblance muscular look and feel
The inner pattern is created following Hexa pattern. Again the concept let you modify the inner pattern to allow multiple customization options.
The attachment mechanism is the same as before
Looking forward to your feedback, Pablo
Jun 7, 2017 1:40
#51 Prosthetic Cover Design:Ribbon by Pablo Gosso
The concept looks and feel:
The structure: An elegant crossing Ribbon geometric pattern that bonds around the leg.
The inner space of this diamond shape holes is replaced with another geometric pattern that follows the geometric theme.
The idea is that we have different inner patterns with tailor made paneling design according to client request.
This creates a custom design for each user.
The functionality concept: Attachment to the shaft
I created a simple elastic part (made rubber hollow band) with specific round shape that can stretch and grabs the shaft like an o-ring. Attached to specific holes in the hard cover, like Flip flop shoes, on the outside the this part closes up by an elastic hop. The idea is that this part can have different colors to give you another custom feature.
Hope you like it . Will try to send a couple more concept I'm still working on.
Jun 6, 2017 23:28
#58 Prosthetic Cover Design XOXO by Pablo Gosso
This is the 3rd and last concept I submit for this contest.
This is a more playful concept called XOXO. Using the Hug and kisses expression I created a paneling cover.
This help explains that we can create a personalized cover with for example the name or signature of the user.
Just In the Nick of time!
Hope you like it. Pablo
Jun 7, 2017 8:50
#54 Crossfit Camouflage Cover by Pablo Gosso
When applied Camouflage color to Crossfit cover design
Jun 7, 2017 2:20


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