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#35 Control box by Sandi Babič
Based on the information you've given this is my input. The depth is about 4cm. There are 2 brackets screwed on the bottom side of the box. If you want to put it on the DIN rail, you hook it on the bottom side, push up and hook on the top side, so it stands firm on the rail. If you want to dismount it, push up and unhook the upper side. As the top is loose, you can easily just take it away.
There are no additional holes on the housing to warrant a IP 54 protection (regarding the Schuko female plug, a cover would probably come in handy when there is no male plug inserted to maintain the protection).
For the pipe mounting I've made this sheet steel bracket which can be attached to the box instead of the DIN rail brackets.
Since you've mentioned you want something more fancy looking (uneven surface on the front panel), I've done some free surface modelling. Hope you like it. The cost for the tools will increase a bit, but it shouldn't be too hard on the budget. Especially if you want some bigger series.
The brackets for the DIN rail are standard, the female plugs also (Schuko and IEC 14), but the brackets for pipes are custom made. With proper large enough numbers, it should go seriously bellow 1$ I believe.
Nov 19, 2016 16:13


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