#10 Nescorp v1.1 by Kafshdouzi
I do some alters in model. Grooves get blind, but i don't remove all of them because of more beautification.
also i prepare an image in actual scale for you to have a better imagination about dimensions of enclosure.
I do some changes is dimension but i found it's better to maintain previous dimension because of below reasons:
1. if we move DIN rail to a higher level, it caused weakness of beneath part and it raise the risk of damage to control box when you want to plug in something there.
2. Most of parts in this design are symmetric and if we want to reduce size more than this, the symmetry of all product will eliminate. in result you will see, Logo is an appropriate location and totally it caused lower beauty.
These are my suggestions but you are decision maker and if you prefer, i will change it with pleasure.
Nov 11, 2016 18:54
#7 Nescorp by Kafshdouzi
Designing Features:
1.Adding Grooves for Air circulation inside enclosure.
2.New Design for enclosure to mounting on Rails - You Only need to pull up the clamp for release.
3.Reinforcing of wall mount screw holes to acquire more strength against extra forces.
This design able you to mount several enclosure which stick together without any extra distance with each other. In order to assembling control box, you only need to placing enclosure on its location and push the clamp for fixing and you don't need to pull it all over the rail or even opening screws. it's very simple and user-friend and Stylish as well. If you have any comment regard designing i will be happy for help and cooperation.
Nov 11, 2016 14:47


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