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For Project: kick scooter
#24 Kick Scooter by Concadd
Same design , rear damper goes under the deck, widened the wheels and the LED lamp.
2016-11-15 17:56:51
#28 Kick Scooter by Concadd
Same design, the rear damper goes flush with the deck, additional features created underneath the deck for the rear suspension.
2016-11-16 15:42:08
#39 Kick Scooter by Concadd
Ver 3 a new look in Black and Silver.
2016-11-25 06:59:57
#9 Kick Scooter by Concadd
It is a fully functional design (not just a concept) with all the functionality integrated. Planning to fit in the brakes and the led light powered by the wheels. It can be folded like the kick type of keefler (a different mechanism). The frame is sturdy enough with welds and take good load with rough handling.
2016-11-10 02:05:18
#15 Kick Scooter by Concadd
New design with all the features, the folding mechanism is new with a pull plug mechanism which controls pins against spring action. It can fold like the keefler mechanism (trolley type) as in the given reference. Handle bar torque is transferred to the front wheel via a slotted bolt. The LED requires a dynamo fitted to the front or rear fender. The front block can be diecast. Suitable standard bolts and screws can be used where ever required.
The whole load is taken by the front block which rests on the springs in the front, the vibrations are not transferred to the handle bar. Proper clearance to be given between moving parts. All metal frame welded to the ribs.
2016-11-12 01:53:44
#18 Kick Scooter by Concadd
Same design and function as the previous one, just the rib size modified, added bellows, square shape changed to cylindrical, Push plug move up for clearance.
2016-11-13 18:00:20
#22 Kick Scooter by Concadd
2016-11-14 04:23:05
#35 Kick scooter by Concadd
A new concept. The handle bar assy can be folded from the front of the deck. The rear dampers are the same. Pins hold the upright position of the handle bar, pull the pins and the assy folds swivelling against a bolt . It has to withstand 250 pounds you see.
Thanks Alberto for all the support and encouragement, it was a pleasure working for this project, lot of innovative ideas!
2016-11-23 04:39:01
#38 kick scooter by Concadd
New concept with another folding mechanism, there is a pivot pin (for swivelling) and the other pin holds the front assembly erect. This pin can be controlled by a lever or a cable mechanism which when operated folds the handle bar assembly. All aluminium frame.
2016-11-24 16:34:23
#3 Kick Scooter by Concadd
This design has shock absorbers in both front and rear wheels; the handle bar is adjustable and can be folded by pushing the cylinder up against the spring action (check the 3d model); the frame is welded.
2016-11-09 13:41:11
#50 Kick Scooter_Concept by Concadd
2016-11-28 00:18:33


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