Michael Dimou

Designs by Michael Dimou

For Project: kick scooter
#79 Kick Scooter REV.5 by Michael Dimou
New design more thin base with brake lever......
much lighter than my previous projects, making more pleasant move the driver and more relaxed
very basic advantage less weight than the previous
you can enjoy the ride !!!
2016-11-30 21:07:16
#17 Kick Scooter REV.0 by Michael Dimou
Very Simple and minimal Design . Just Imagine
2016-11-13 13:10:11
#20 Kick Scooter REV.1 by Michael Dimou
Upgraded model, I put extra brake which is of polymer and is held down by a blade to be reset or could with some type with rubber elasticity and plasticity zero (to achieve the instantaneous resetting of the brake)
2016-11-13 19:54:39
#31 Kick Scooter REV.2 by Michael Dimou
Upgraded Design
2016-11-18 20:11:27
#32 Kick Scooter REV.3 by Michael Dimou
more Imagine , more Designs
2016-11-20 09:33:18
#55 Kick Scooter REV.4 by Michael Dimou
New Design of scooter
2016-11-28 21:57:39


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