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For Project: The Steam Punk Jet Engine F3

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#15 conception_1 by medmihaly
Hi Kaiman,
please take a look at my work...
this is my very first draft of the design's conception. if you could share me your opinion about it, it would be a great help for me to find tha path I should follow to make you satisfied with the design.
you should just share me the basic things, how do you like the main elements of the graphics, like:
- the panels with rivets and the vision of layers it creates
- the pipes - it's a very basic element in steampunk, maybe I should use more. Shall I?
- the colors - you didn't fixed the color of the car, so what about light gray?
- cog wheels - as you see, I dind't used any, but I feel like it could be look cool, combinated with water (steam) pipes. do you agree?
looking forward to hear from you, even I also realy love steam punk - not only in graphic design but in films and interiors too - it would makes me very happy if we could work together.
best regards,
Nov 17, 2016 1:49


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