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For Project: Ruggedized "Case" for 3D Scanner

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1st Winner
#6 Rugged Case 2.0 by ;lzsvpja-] bja]=
More renders on my portfolio.
Aug 29, 2016 3:25
#4 Rugged Case by ;lzsvpja-] bja]=
Fairly simple design. The scan data file size was so big it made the computer choppy and it was hard to reverse engineer it exactly, but it close. More renders on my portfolio.
Aug 26, 2016 1:18
#10 Rugged Case 2.5 by ;lzsvpja-] bja]=
Added some hand/finger grips. Two different options here. I personally like the black one. It seems more natural to grab or rest a hand there. One more render on my portfolio showing improved top side.
Sep 1, 2016 5:48


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