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For Project: Exercise equipment design
#39 Adjustable Sit-up Stand by Mora Vaibhav
Its a unique height adjustable design equipped with rubber grips and foam supports which provide comfort to the trainee. If the frame is manufactured using aluminium, extreme light weight can be possible. Another advantage of this design is , there is no requirement of additional weight, but the self body weight is enough to hold the frame in stable position
2016-09-09 16:49:20
#38 Adjustable Sit-up Stand by Mora Vaibhav
Its a unique portable design where we can adjust the height of the supporting frame according to the individual's body ergonomics. This design is unique because there is no need of additional weight but body weight is enough for its stability. If made with aluminium, this can be made very light weight. special grippers and foams are added so as to increase the comfort of the trainee.
2016-09-09 16:40:04


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