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#32 Sit-up equipment by NP-Hardware
This equipment is designed to securely hold the user's feet down with a padded bar, which is pressed into position by the user's own weight.
The distance between the seat plate and the foot bar can be easily adjusted to fit the preference of the user. Adjustment is possible without the user having to change position on the equipment.
I've made the bars extend backwards slightly further than I've seen on many other designs, in order to ensure that the user's feet remain held firmly in position even when downward force at the seat plate is at its weakest (i.e., when the user has their back against the floor).
The bars and foot rest can be made from 25mm aluminium tubing, which can be given a robust powder coating in any colour you prefer. Polyurethane foam padding - standard on many pieces of gym equipment - can be applied in the places suggested on the model.
The seat plate can be made from a single piece of stamped steel. All pieces are designed to be held together, and are rendered adjustable, by a set of spring studs embedded in the bars, and a corresponding set of holes in the seat plate and foot bar.
This equipment should be light enough to be easily carried wherever needed, and in fact can easily be disassembled for easier movement if required.
Should you have any further recommendations, don't hesitate to contact me!
Aug 24, 2016 8:11


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