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For Project: ATG's Automotive Concepts 2016

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#1 Electric Concept Car Layout by Decker
Sorry, don't have a lot of experience with surface modeling in my portfolio. I am use to component, manufacturing, and product design and there isn't a whole lot of car manufacturing where I am from to learn the art. I made an attempt but have a lot to learn in this area. I can bring my manufacturing experience and artistic talent to the table but it will take some time to come up to speed when it comes to surface modeling. This example is created using solid modeling techniques.
Apr 17, 2016 15:48
#3 Coupe Electric Concept Car by Decker
Thought I would give it another shot. Concept 2 Door Coupe
Apr 23, 2016 21:44




Fri, 22 Apr 2016 17:53:00 +0000
The entry will be evaluated on three criteria: Detail, Style and Display of Color.

As a designer, you can develop the wide body features of the vehicle and understand the method of designing the surfaces with different perspectives. You should include the Amani logo and hood ornament and our company will want to develop a concept that is a luxury 2-door coupe that displays classic features and highlights technology in the 21st Century. The vehicles will look differently than the electric cars that are currently on the road. The cars are that currently on the road are smaller and will not be as aerodynamic as our luxury 2-door concept.