Designs by Chandandeep Singh

For Project: Medical Bin & Cover Re-design

Report Designer

#3 Medical Box Redesign by Chandandeep Singh
The product has cover in two portions.
And the two can slide onto a slot made in the box either together or independently.
The two portions of the cover are connected by a hinge and can rotate freely with respect to each other.
Image 1 shos full closed box
Image 2 shows opening one portion. (This is an additional feature in case the user needs to open one half.)
{Alternatively to reduce the no. of components 1 part cover can be used}
Image 2 and 3 show partially opening the part 2 of the cover.
Image 4,5 and 6 shows sliding the two portions together.
Note that the model is made just to illstrate the concept and the parts other than the box might not be dimensionally perfect.
However if satisfied with the concept detailed design will be made.
Kindly let me know your opinion on this concept.
In case you have any problem with this one, I am willing to improve the undesirable feartures.
Mar 24, 2016 10:06


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