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For Project: Unicycle

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#9 Electric unicycle by Federico Virdia
1) The skeleton of the unicycle is integrated in the fairing.
2) As you asked I made a retractable handle that is used to facilitate getting on and off. Once extended it can be grabbed at about 80 cm from the ground. If not desired because it ruins the design it can be easily removed.
3) On the left side of the fairing are the lipo batteries, the PCB control board and one speaker. The batteries are enclosed by the skeleton which helps to support their weight.
4) On the right side of the fairing are the electric engine and one speaker.
5) The “pedals” can be closed against the fairing.
6) A front and a rear light are present.
7) If needed, an additional handle can be added in line with the axis of rotation to facilitate hand transport.
Mar 21, 2016 23:20
#18 The foxycycle by Federico Virdia
Aside from the things that I talked about in the previous design, here there are a few modifications:
1) The retractable handle, with the shape of a fox, is wide to allow a person to put his weight on it to facilitate getting on and off the unicycle.
2) On the two sides of the handle, where the fox’s ears would be, are two indents to facilitate grabbing the handle with one or two hands.
3) The drawings of the fox at the front and the fox’s tail at the back can be removed or changed if necessary.
Mar 31, 2016 17:50


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