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#55 Acrylic Box – RB01 by Rupak B
Fully Transparent Box – By Rupak B.
Mar 12, 2016 15:31
#30 Acrylic Box_RB00 by Rupak B
Dear Jay Singh,
Please find forwarded my preliminary design, mainly to convey you the concept, based on the following major criteria:
1. Very easy Assembling & Disassembling – I have used Zipper for 4 corners to close the 4 sides very easily for making the box and as well as flat the same. Zippers will be fully Transparent & Self-Locking Nylon Zipper (easily available in the market). Two sides of the zipper are to be pasted on the outer surfaces of two adjacent sheets and the last end of the zipper is to be pasted on the bottom of the bottom sheet, with the help of a colour-less strong glue.
2. Easily pack to a Flat Box (like a pizza box) – I have used very flexible Nylon Strip to join the side sheets with the bottom sheet. So that, we can easily fold-down the 4 side sheets on the bottom sheet and then can easily insert the whole things into a flat box. The Nylon Strips will be fully Transparent and very Flexible (easily available in the same shop of Acrylic sheet). The nylon strips are to be pasted on the bottom surface of the bottom sheet and the outer surface of its adjacent sheet, with the help of a colour-less strong glue.
3. Very good transparency – I have used all fully transparent materials, no metals.
4. Sturdy in assembling condition – The bottom is already attached with its 4 side sheets with the help of strong & long durable nylon strips. So, when the 4 zippers of 4 corners will close & lock, then the whole things will be fully rigid & strong enough.
5. Very low manufacturing cost – I have used all simple plastic-group materials, no metals or complicated shapes materials. Moreover, there are no machines / special tools are required to make it; anybody can make it by hand with the help of a few very basic tools and by maintaining a reasonable precisions.
Kindly let me know your opinion on this design as early as possible.
After getting the same I will do the rest accordingly.
With regards,
Rupak Bhattacharya
Feb 21, 2016 8:02


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