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For Project: arcylic box

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#45 All acrylic made rugged plastic cage with locking by shantanu
Assembly is very easy, in pic. 1 is illustrated locking mechanism on all four sides having trapezoidal cross- section of lock (only 26mm lt). as in pic 6. bottom is red, side panels (yellow) slide horizontally on bottom plate both in opposite direction. similarly other two green panels slide in vertical direction on yellow panels' side from bottom to top (provided there with slot). As sliding mechanism is shown in pic. 4 & 5. also bottom plate's slot way is shown. As the sliding slot are in circular cross- section and stoppers are provided ingeniously from being overrun of panels during sliding as well for holding making it rugged cage, sharp edges are eliminated and easy to dismantle
Feb 28, 2016 14:06


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