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#24 Acrylix boX (v2) by Donis
Feb 18, 2016 20:11
#23 Acrylix boX (v2) by Donis
Feb 18, 2016 20:09
#22 Acrylix boX (v2) by Donis
My 2nd version of acrylic box.
To use steel thread insert i think we need at least 8 mm thickness acrylic ( or even 10 mm). Bu there is no need to use 8mm thickness to all box side. So i think it just enough to glue on side 45x30x8mm small sheets. Then we can put in insert threads in it. See attached images.
12 pcs. Type 316 Stainless Steel Flat-Head Socket Cap Screw
M2.5 Size, 10 mm Length, .45 mm Pitch
12 pcs.
18-8 Stainless Steel Standard Helical Insert
M2.5-.45 Internal Thread, 5.0mm Length
Feb 18, 2016 20:07
#6 Acrylix boX by Donis
Construction is strong. Wall thick 6mm is enough.( 3mm is to thin, it will bend at this box size). Construction can be disassemble in any time. Using allen key is easy to assembly it again.
Acrylic box contain:
1. 500mm x 500mm x 6mm (transparent acrylic) QTY. 1
2. 500mm x 494mm x 6mm (transparent acrylic) QTY. 2
3. 494mm x 488mm x 6mm (transparent acrylic) QTY. 2
(need to drill 16 pcs. M3 countersink holes through 6 mm thin acrylic and make 16 pcs M3 tapped holes.)
Acrylic box assembled using 16 pcs. M3-0.5 X 12 FLAT HEAD SOCKET CAP SCREW. (need M3 Allen key)
Screw example:
Allen key example:
Feb 16, 2016 22:54


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