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For Project: Mould for Spherical Hollow Ice Ball

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Hello Topi.
I've attached the design of the item.
Please read carefully the following implications.
During the creation of the ice ball there are several problems:
1. How i obtain the inner hole of the sphere and
2. How to get the ice sphere outside the mold. So I propose you the following. There are 3 molds that makes the ice sphere (2 molds that shape the outside of the ball and one sphere that makes the inner hole.
First step: Is to option 2 hemisphere but between the 2 outer molds (in the separating area of the ice ball, we will insert a gasket.
After we optian the 2 hemisphere, we will take off the inner spherical mold that makes the inner shape of the ball and also we will take off the gasket.
We assemble the molds along without the gasket and this area will be filled with water that freezes and "weld the 2 hemispheres together and we will obtain a single sphere with hollow volume inside.
Hope I've made myself clear, please submit your interest if you may need further explications over the design so I can build a full technical report over the design.
Thank you and looking forward,
Liviu Barbu
ProtoTech Workbench Team
Mar 21, 2016 14:25


Thu, 21 Apr 2016 20:21:44 +0000

The explocations in my previous message were clear enought?

Thank yoy