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#18 Vehicular LED Display Case by Flaviano Crespi
Dear Sirs,
I submit for your consideration my proposal for the construction of the Vehicular LED Display Case.
First clear that about 90% of the components are available from the market.
The main feature is the type of support realized with three magnetic feet arranged on the vertex of a triangle.
This arrangement allows the adaptation to the convex surfaces of the car roof and also the feet have a ball joint for greater adaptability, while the rear foot allows the tilt of control panel.
The main box is available from the market by "Hammond Manufacturing" ;
this is the link to the page where I could download the 3D model:
The modeli is: 1455T2201 size mm 200 x 51.5
As you can see the box is already full of seals and complete with end plugs.
Hammond provides boxes of length 165 mm, is obviously necessary to request the pieces of extruded aluminum cut to the size of 830 mm.
The piece shaped as a "C" will be drilled with the laser to create the holes matrix.
With a CNC machine will be drilled the other holes for the feet fixings and the ventilation openings. After the surfaces is cleaned by removing the burrs, and finally the front face will be painted with flat black paint.
The adjustable feet are the FATH company; 3D models are available on the site
The model I chose is suitable for fixing the magnets, that will be encapsulated by a soft rubber cover glued in position.
For future development of the model I can provide constructive two-dimensional tables.
Best regards
Flaviano Crespi
Feb 11, 2016 10:59


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