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For Project: Vehicular LED Display Case

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#37 Display Panel Casing by PJCAD by PJCAD
- Main body of the casing is made of sheet metal, therefore it presents good strength and stiffness with preservation of low manufacturing costs;
- Plastic parts are designed to allow manufacturing by either: 3D printing, CNC milling or injection molding;
- The display panel can be taken out from the casing after removal of a side panel;
- Natural ventilation – simple and reliable;
Inside the casing there is a clearance for electronics and for flow of ventilating air;
- Adjustable height of legs – enables leveling / angle adjustment of the display panel if needed;
- Swivel mount of legs enables perfect match to curvature of vehicle’s roof and therefore gives steady base for the panel;
- 3 legs – to get reliable and not wobbly (as with 4 legs) mounting;
- Each leg comprise a socket for substantial magnet;
- All legs are equipped in easy to manufacture rubber bottoms;
- Legs can be easily replaced with other mounting suitable for vehicle's interior (I can design this mounting, after you tell me where exactly in the interior you want the panel to be located)
- The casing is resistant to any weather conditions (except for natural disasters);
- Ventilation holes, power cable and USB port are located under hoods to give protection from rain or snow;
- The display panel is located in the casing recess to improve visibility in strong sunlight and to give protection from rain or snow;
- Required viewing angle is assured despite the recess in the casing.
Feb 26, 2016 12:55
#38 Display Panel Casing by PJCAD by PJCAD
Feb 26, 2016 12:57


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