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For Project: Firearms storage case

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#3 H. Patel by Hardik2727
I am Hardik Patel. I have completed my Mechanical Engineering from Parul University. For the past few years I have designed many components,assemblies etc. Some samples have been attached to this application. Please have a look to measure my quality.
From your job description area, I have come to know that you need a unique design for your new/existing company. I can strongly assure you that I will be able to provide you according to your desire.
You will find so many so called designers in the web who even do not know the what the CAD design is and how to do it. I do not want you to be cheated by them. You are in a right place and person. Hopefully I will be hired in this project. I am highly experienced in
1. SolidWorks
2. Autodesk Inventor
4. SolidEdge
5. Unigraphics
6. Draftsight
7. AutoCAD and few more.
I am waiting for your response. I am able to use all types of communication methods and able to maintain your time schedule during the project is on.
Hardik Patel
Feb 6, 2016 14:34


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