#6 Beach Stake by Advandes
Place the corner of the blanket / towel through the stake slot and fold over one time and press the stake into the sand. Simple, no moving parts, just a simple one mold part.
2016-01-22 17:39:23
#56 5" diameter Beach "Ballast" Ball by Advandes
The spherical ball is made up of 4 identical parts that fit neatly together to form a perfect sphere. The sphere is only 5” in diameter and can fit easily into your hand. Each section of the sphere (let’s call it a wedge) is held together with magnets and are aligned with the small tab located on each side. Each “wedge” is hollow on the inside allowing you to scoop up a fair amount of sand into the wedge to create the ballast that will help to hold down each corner of the beach blanket. When leaving the beach, just shake out the sand and assemble the sphere. I have included a file that should allow you to 3D print 4 wedges to prototype the assembly. You will have to find some magnets that will fit into the cavities provided in the mold. The magnets are glued in place. I can’t think of a better and more novel idea for your project, so I hope you like it… Aaron
2016-02-05 13:38:54


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