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For Project: Parametric 3D Industrial Design
#10 Towel pin - simple with nail rasp by Vedran Starcevic
Very simple version where you push towel corner trough the cross and you wedge the whole thing in sand. Cheap and simple production (very light on material), no movable parts, practically impossible to break, can fit in box of cigarettes.
Additional product value: it can be used as nail cleaner and file (rasp) if layer of emery board is added (product diversification, further market development) - once emery board is spent/used, you still have a towel pin (longer basic product life but it creates a need to buy new one).
3D pdf attached - to view product in 3D, download pdf, open with Acrobat Reader, left click the 3D object inside and you can view, rotate, zoom, measure.
If design chosen, 3D printed prototype is included in contest price, with worldwide delivery.
2016-01-23 13:15:51
#21 Towel pin - simple with nail rasp and phone holder by Vedran Starcevic
Next level of the pin, with small extension which will press the towel better and also include slot for phone and perfect sand selfie.
2016-01-24 18:29:03


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