#7 Beach Towel Pin by Adam
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Unit folds. 3.5" tall. Recommend UV stabilized polypropylene or UV stabilized Nylon 6. Focus on mold cost in this design as well as they are open and close with no side action. Holes in red part to be drilled post molding. Very cost effective solution.
2016-01-22 20:44:11
#8 Shark Tight Shark Bite by Adam
2016-01-23 00:24:36
#25 Beach Balls by Adam
2016-01-25 08:32:31
#37 BEACH PIN by Adam
STEP file attached
2016-02-02 18:26:50
#38 BEACH PIN 5 by Adam
This design crimps down on the towel. The part is molded in a slightly open position.
2016-02-02 21:18:36
#41 Compression Ring Beach Pin by Adam
See attached JPG descriptor
2016-02-03 02:52:21
#52 BEACH PIN V7 by Adam
2016-02-05 01:58:46
#62 Beach Tube Boogie by Adam
2016-02-05 21:01:26


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