#47 Napkin Holder by mediabox
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This is my update to napkin holder with a front cutout for easy acces to napkins.
2016-01-28 14:14:07
#37 Napkin Holder Design2 by mediabox
2016-01-27 22:05:39
#36 Napkin Holder Design1 by mediabox
2016-01-27 21:54:46
#18 Napkin Holder by mediabox
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Can be personalized with different color schemes, also can be branded with company logo.
2016-01-24 21:36:28
#17 Napkin Holder by mediabox
Can be personalizaed with different colors and logo.
2016-01-24 14:55:06


Matthew Poll


Wed, 27 Jan 2016 16:07:38 +0000
The number 18 is probably the best one we received so far !
Great job !
The only think i'd like to ask is if we can have it with a front window for the napkins instead the small window on top

The number 17 is a nice design idea, i like the idea to have a led light too, but is completely different from what we are looking for