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For Project: 3D CAD Design Of A Dagger

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#9 @nkit by Ankit Bharangar
Designed in SolidWorks, this model of dagger is designed keeping requirements of the client in mind.
The Blade is about 8" approx in length, and 1.75" wide at root. The tip of blade have a radius of 0.1 inch to give it a sharp face and long life.
The handle is made of mahogany wood, and bracings are made of brass.
Sep 16, 2015 17:54
#11 @nKIT by Ankit Bharangar
design should be attractive, elegant, realistic, and practically feasible-these were the main things kept in mind while designing this dagger.
The blade is 8" in length and 1.5" appx wide. The handle is 4.5" appx in length which makes it really easy to hold and use.
If the client needs any changes, then please let me know.
Sep 18, 2015 4:19


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