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#19 Tiger Family Butler Robot by ProtoTech Workbench
Hello Jazzyjazz,
We are a small team of product, mechanical and hardware engineers along with a graphic designer. We have expertise in product and mechanical engineering field.
We found your idea very interesting and challenging as well. Your project requires a strong skills that incorporates product and hardware design.
Attached you'll find our concept that we hope it fits with your needs. For this project, we can provide you further consultancy. The development must take in account your forecasts over the number of item that will be manufactured per year and also the services that your manufacture provide you. Please let me know if you are the manufacturer or you should ask help from a fabric. The manufacturing methods is different form a fabric to another and some of them can't make your product unless the design is modified, so we can handle that by keeping the communication with them for you.
What's more, the robot can be dressed up using different outfits, so you can provide your clients the opportunity to improve the robot by changing the robot's outfit. We can provide you further designs over the dresses as we have a member in our team and she has a master degree in clothes design.
Here are some videos I made for you to clear up the inner component displacement and some robot's moves:
(this is an unrendered clip, that explicate the concept)
And this video is a short one that shows the head's movement:
If there are any desired modifications over the design, please let me know.
Liviu Barbu
Oct 8, 2015 14:37


Sat, 10 Oct 2015 08:02:21 +0000
Hi Jazzyjazz,

I don't know if have a final decision over the contest, but I guess you're in a tough situation when you got to take this hard decision and choose whom to work with. I want to ensure that you got our previous message. We would be glad and honoured to work with you in this project further on and you should feel comfortable with the idea that we wouldn't disappear and we will support you with this project until the product is on market and later with future versions and improvements over the robot.

Our team is delighted and ready to take any challenge. We are an enthusiastic and solid team and you can rely on our skills and dedication. We also have expertise in creating animations both for attracting investors and final users, we can provide you assistance in your business growth beside engineering consultancy

I wish you the best and good luck,
Looking forward for your feedback,
Liviu Barbu