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For Project: Revolutionary Meditation Bench
#18 meditation bench concept 1 by priyanshu pandey
HI Sentinel, this is my first meditation bench concept model. it is designed to bear a load upto 100 kg satisfactorily. according to my early calculations it gives 13 mm of max deflection under the influence of a load of 100 kg. the bench weighs around 1.24 kg when made with ABS plastic. this product is still under development. if you like the concept then leave me a private message with your suggestions and modification.
thanks and regards.
2015-09-10 06:27:45
#29 meditation bench concept 2 by priyanshu pandey
a simple and easy to adjust meditation bench with ample space for personal customizations.(decals & designing both).
2015-09-17 18:46:46


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