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For Project: Revolutionary Meditation Bench

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#5 Zench - Meditation Bench by Pablo Gosso
Following the project brief I try to make the most simple design solution for its key features.
Shape design: This product is tool for meditation so its shape should follows its function with a simple and natural design. So I created its shape as a continuous surface that shows natural balance between function, strength and stability.
Feature design:The angle seat feature is key for its usage and generating complicated parts design was not the way to go. So I tried to find clever way to create this. The solution is simple and its part of the legs design without adding complex mechanism. It also allows adjustment according to user preference.
Folding Feature: I designed legs to be folded without losing strength in the hinge and to maximize the space beneath the seat for leg room.
Strength for adult support+transportability: I designed both seat and legs with a mix of Honeycomb structure ribs + length ribs trough out the entire surface in order to optimize strength, weight and material usage. A good structural design makes it lighter, stronger and cheaper to manufacture.
Hope you enjoy the design
Looking forward to your feedback, Pablo
Aug 27, 2015 20:04
#11 Zench Concept 2 by Pablo Gosso
New and improved approach to product concept.
Mayor features improvements
Lightweight design improved. much closer to client brief request
New design concept for easier smaller transport size, folds to half its size Smaller than any other in the market.
Cushion seat for ischium area for prolonged comfort.
Sep 7, 2015 15:07
#28 Zench 3 by Pablo Gosso
Concept created out of prepeg Carbon Fiber manufacturing
Sep 17, 2015 17:59


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