#22 encloser refined by priyanshu pandey
waiting for your feedback on this ...
Sep 21, 2015 19:09
#17 encloser design by priyanshu pandey
few things that i have not done in this model (purposefully) are listed bellow with its reasons.
1. lock pins have not been designed in this model because its totally up to the manufacturer to decide where to place those locks.
2. i haven't placed the logo at this point , currently figuring out where it will look the best.
3. finally as the time has been extended so thinking of working on few other concepts.( will surely come with some detailed renders later ).:)
this is not a final product by the way...so eagerly waiting for your feedback.
Sep 20, 2015 14:54
#29 style variation2 by priyanshu pandey
just with a different style and feel..
Sep 23, 2015 16:34
#35 black and red by priyanshu pandey
details can be discussed later..
Sep 25, 2015 16:19
#40 the GREEN HORNET concept by priyanshu pandey
simple , sleek , easy to manufacture...with green LED illumination.
Sep 28, 2015 13:31


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