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For Project: Animilastic Logo for 3D Print

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#9 CrazyDogs Mascot head logo 3D model by Pablo Gosso
Attached the 3D model and a few renders of the head alone according to the contest request.
Hope you like the design.
Looking forward to your feedback, Pablo
Sep 1, 2015 4:59
#8 Crazy Dog Mascot Ultimate Frisbee Team by Pablo Gosso
Hi Crazy Dogs,
My name is Pablo and I'm an industrial designer, glad to be part of your contest.
I was a bit inspire by your mascot logo so I'm trowing you 3 concept that I think worth exploring.
1 st Concept
Crazy Dog statue I added the bitten Frisbee as platform to have a nice statue look and feel and a way to add space for a sentence. I decided to go for the obvious and put your team name but I think we can explore different legends here like "Frisbee Frenzy" or "Frisbee Berserk", team choice.
2nd concept
Crazy Dog Trophy Top
I think you deserve your own trophy so I decided to create one.
This is a working progress as I feel we still can improve this one and change its body to make a more catch in the air pose.
3rd Concept
All Crazy Dog fan deserves its own keychain memorabilia to to have the team spririt near you all the time.
I try to make a decorative Wall mount head , not because I want to behead you, but because I wanted to have a clean cartoonish look and feel. Again we can modify the legend here.
I took the liberty to use a font of my choice, but I can try any other you prefer.
By the way,I haven't submitted the final STL models yet.
The model I uploaded for the 1st concept is a solid model and you will need a hollow one for a cheaper 3d printing
In order to do that we need to address the size, material and wall thickness before sending anything. So if you are interested in my designs I would gladly send the STL according to your request.
Models were created using Autodesk mudbox and rhinoceros software, rendered in Keyshot and composition in Photoshop.
Hope you enjoy the designs
Looking forward to your feedback, Pablo
Sep 1, 2015 4:10


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