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For Project: Butterfly Knife Trainer

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2nd Winner
#13 Butterfly knife trainer by Flaviano Crespi
For this model I tried to make the most robust possible the hinges of rotation of the handle. The components are in stainless steel obtained by shearing or laser cutting
Aug 22, 2015 15:59
#23 Butterfly Knife Trainer by Flaviano Crespi
Enhancements to this version Rev. 1
- The handles are folded with a single fitting easier to perform
- The fixing clip is more reliable
- The blade has been slightly reduced
The other parts are unchanged
Sep 10, 2015 21:12
#25 Butterfly Knife Trainer rev-2 by Flaviano Crespi
rev-2 Added anti-rotation locking pin.
NB: Now the file STP "Opne
Now the file open_R2 "really shows the open position
Sep 11, 2015 16:12
#28 Butterfly knife trainer by Flaviano Crespi
Handle with soft rubber
Sep 13, 2015 20:13


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