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For Project: One World Bracelet

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#23 One World Bracelet TR 2 by Trozema
Two piece silicone molded bracelet. Outer ring molded with 14 (colored) protrusions leaving internal cavities for the soil and water samples. The inner “greenish” ring outside diameter can be inserted and bonded to the inside diameter of the outer ring sealing the two rings together. Material can be injected into the cavity at the seam between the rings. The last step would be to seal whatever hole is created by the tool used to inject the material. Different from my last entry….maybe more along the rules……
Jun 8, 2015 0:34
#20 One World Bracelet by Trozema
Quick description….
All water and soil samples are held under the green sleeve (simple and easy). This sleeve represents a united world with an eye on protecting our environment. Coming from this sleeve is the representation of the seven continents…..all very connected…….all needing each other to make the world a better place.……All interconnected by both water and earth.
Win or lose this was a fun project for me to work on. I think this is an excellent idea. Best of luck!
Jun 7, 2015 6:00


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