#2 Single case_step by Mihai G.
Hello, I hope now you can open the .stp files. I'm waiting for further views/dimensions for the camera and battery.
Apr 17, 2015 14:22
#3 GoPro Single case by Mihai G.
Thank you for the clarifications.
I've made some changes, please advise.
As for the visual design (adding shaddows, reflections, labels, other details for the 3D model) I'm affraid it's not my skill and my video card doesn't supports these kind of effects.
I'm thinking that after I'll finish the design you can make the finishing touches (applying the realistic color, putting a sticker over the foam).
Please inform me if you specifically want that the final design to have reflections, realistic colors or not?
Apr 17, 2015 20:52
#1 GoPro Single case by Mihai G.
Hello, I've attached a first version layout for the single case GoPro Camera. It still needs work to be done, but i need further sketches for the battery and the camera it self. Only from the front and top views in the .pdf file i cannot figure it out. I will make the multiple case also but I need clarification about the shape of camera and battery as I said. Until then please advise if you are happy with these layout.
What about the large pocket for the accesories, you prefer it in multiple compatiments or is ok as it is now?
Apr 17, 2015 11:56


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