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#30 Easy Button by pilotjeffedwards
EasyButton v2 now has an updated button, battery lights, and a bluetooth button. Also, it has a curved back to fit and feel better in your hand.
- Jeffrey Edwards
May 3, 2015 23:08
#18 EasyButton / Push-to-Talk by pilotjeffedwards
The EasyButton or Push-to-Talk is the exact device you're looking for! It has an LED lit Apple Logo on the back of the device, and it charges with Apple's Lightning Charger! The Microphone button is found on the top of the device and can be pushed to talk to the device. After you talk, the voice message is sent to the iPhone. Models can be made for Android if need be!
Apr 15, 2015 20:30
#9 Push-to-Talk by pilotjeffedwards
This Push-To-Talk Button consists of a SYNC Button on the left of the device, and a TALK button which can be found on the right of the device. There is a Blue/Red LED at the bottom of the device. When the LED is Blue, you are SYNCed and ready to Talk. When the LED is Red, the device will be need to SYNCed. To charge the device, there is a Micro USB port on the left of the device. There is also a 3.5mm Headphone jack to insert your headphones/mic to talk into it.
Extra Screenshots can be requested.
Also, an .stl file can be requested!
-Jeffrey Edwards
Apr 7, 2015 21:15


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