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For Project: Fever Phones

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#21 Fever Connection by AnnaJo
Simple Fever detector, with cable connection, Temperature sensor, Led and Button trigger on the front, with a simple handle for use it.
Mar 31, 2015 14:07
#16 Ear Simple 1 by AnnaJo
Simple solution made in 2 parts.
A lightweight earphone with sensor and a small curved control box (the temperature display is optional)
Mar 30, 2015 15:08
#17 Fev/e/ar by AnnaJo
A simple "all in one solution".
The led is on the front (it can be coaxial with the sensor) , the block is provided with a plastic clip to fix it on the ear.
Optional there's space enough on the front to insert a display.
Mar 30, 2015 16:45


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