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Desire cad drawings that will diagram the interconnections of various makes and models of video surveillance equipment with appropriate call-outs, to refelect POE connections for catagory 5 data connections, low voltage power, and AC power supply connections and physical placement of equipment.

Additionally would like to superimpose equipment placement over exisiting PDF scans of each of the building's electrical floor plans.
Desire to follow U.S. standards as to electrical symbology, etc. wherever possible.
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<p>To: Potential Designers,</p>
<p>The attached drawing has both a single line schematic,&nbsp;and a floor plan of one of 5 controller rooms.</p>
<p>The surveillance equipment is IP based and battery backed up.</p>
<p>We want to have a single line schematic that reflects the interconection of two basic equipment packages. The first is for installation in each of the controller rooms and the second is&nbsp;an outdoor package centered around a pan, tilt, zoom camera which is utility pole mounted and also has battery UPS&nbsp;for power.</p>
<p>Once we have the single line schematics of how the equipment interconnects for the electricians we would then make drawings that place the equipment into the controller rooms in essence superimposed over the other engineering drawings that we have reflecting the layout of the other controller rooms.</p>
<p>There are Qty (5) rooms total and there are Qty (4) PTZ camera postions.</p>
<p>more information available upon request.</p>


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Thu, 18 Apr 2013 15:59:20 +0000
OK, I can see where my description is a bit lacking...

Each of the controller rooms houses from 2 to 4 wall mounted dome type IP/POE cameras, 2 Battery POE/UPS units also wall mounted, a single 5 port POE 10/100 network switch mounted somewhere central to each room, and a Ubiquity NanoStation 5 wireless data radio mounted on the outside surface of one of the walls of each of the controller rooms. The radio would also be connected to the centrally located POE switch as are the cameras.

This would form as fairly crude Star Networking Topology with the POE/Switch at the center of the wiring star.

I will add that I think that my using the term controller room is probably misleading folks.

These "controller rooms" of which there are 5, house motor speed controller equipment for large electric motors used to power all sorts of electromechanical machines. They are not "Control Rooms" in the Television or Command and Control sense.

The actual "Control Room" which would monitor all of these cameras is located about 150 miles away.

As to the rooms being identical, they are not. One is 90'x38' down to say 12'x14'.

The PTZ cameras each have a battery powered UPS system contained in a steel NEMA cabinet which would be pole mounted as well as the camera unit.

They would be locked, but not mounted above a height at which the batteries could be serviced easily.

In the case of the PTZ cameras there would be a small NEMA type enclosure mounted near the top of the pole which would house the NVS unit. The Network Video Server unit is a single channel video converter/recorder which will convert the audio/video signals from the PTZ camera to a compressed data stream which is IP routable. That dat stream will be fed to a Ubiquity radio mounted at the top of the pole which will provide a point to point data link to the local hybrid surveillance server to be recorded locally and sent out to the remotely located "Operator Manned Control Room".

I have to leave for an appointment and will return with further information in a couple of hours.

I hope this has helped clear a few things up for now, with more info to follow...

Thank for asking some good question which needed answers.

M. Werner
Thu, 18 Apr 2013 14:06:35 +0000
To clarify, we have (4)four PTZ Locations feeding to each of the (5) five control rooms.
Each of the (5) five control rooms are identical to the room in the attached IMG?
Each of the (4) Camera locations has line power as well as UPS battery back-up? and the UPS sys. is on the pole above ground reach?

MacKenzie Brown


Wed, 17 Apr 2013 17:45:34 +0000
Please note that I have approved the project and advised the buyer that a file attachment is necessary for designers to provide work samples.

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