Topographic Data processing + Civil 3D work

Topography Professional /Certified civil 3D designer Drafter. • Process survey data (DC, Excel etc.)Using TGO software (Trimble Geometrics Office), creates new layers, sort out and check features codes to meet standard and specifications. • Applying Feature Codes/Correcting Codes of Raw Data received from Site. • Working on COGO Points .Creating Surface from COGO points , Blocks ,Points & Lines. • Converts DXF files to AutoCAD drawings or Making own Survey database, edits drawing such as placement of standard cad symbols for utilities, and arranges overlapping elevations, placement of layers of roads, walls, fences, buildings and other landmarks. • Generates contours using Civil 3d or Terramodel software and check the accuracy of the survey data. • Creating Contours, Spot Elevation on grids, labeling, plan, Profile, Section etc. from data in Civil 3d. • Creating / Calculating Volume Calculation from Surfaces of Tunnels / Mines / Material Stock etc.
Published 3 years ago
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