Switches & Sockets Product Development

Honeywell invested 7 million USD to launch a new range of high end touch screen products with exchangeable "clip on" front plates with 16 different finishes. Each Components were manufactured by different supplier and to be assemble in our MK Electric Malaysia Plant. The components has to fit well and achieve 6 sigma standards without any fitment or functional issues. Responsibility is to Design & Manage range of products that does not involve touch screen features. Logic Plus K2737 3-Gang DP Socket is an award winning product which undergoes value engineering process. All metal components are no longer pre-assembly before going into the plastic. They have to be easily "drop in" to the plastic base without needing any assembly jigs. The new design causing an electrical intermittent connection issue hence putting the production at a long stop. Objective is to investigate and resolve the intermittent connection issue. Key Skills: Pro - Engineer Wildfire 4 CAD, Six Sigma Green Belt Core, Switches & Socket Electrical Product Specification & knowledge, BS 1363 Standard Specification. Pro - Engineer Wildfire 5 CAD, Pro E CAE, 6 Sigma Green Belt Core, Design For 6 Sigma(DFSS) Green Belt, Pugh Concept Selection Process, 6 Sigma DFSS Variation Propagation Techniques, Honeywell SAP System, Switches & Socket Electrical Product Specification & knowledge, British Standards Specification.
Published 4 years ago
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