SSMS (In Situ Seabed Sediment Measurement System)

ISSAMS (In Situ Sediment Geoacoustic Measurement System) was originally designed for ocean floor research conducted by the Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis SpaceCenter, MS. It was later used by OMNI Technologies in Kenner, LA for more ocean floor research. ISSAMS was used to rapidly measure the geotechnical and geoacoustic properties of the ocean floor by measuring compressional and shear wave velocity and attenuation, temperature, depth, and near bottom water conductivity. Ocean floor geotechnical and geoacoustic properties are needed for numerous scientific and military applications. SSMS (In Situ Subsea Measurement System) is an updated version of ISASAMS, but is functionally similar. Modifications include more efficient 'Inner Frame Guides', less complicated 'Lifting Frame', lighter weight, and smaller overall dimensions.
Published 1 year ago
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