Smartalock - Electromechanical Locker Systems

Smartalock is an innovative start-up company in based in Auckland, New Zealand. They specialise in electromechanical 'smart' locker systems that perfectly compliment modern agile based working trends. Customers of Smartalock include Apple, Air New Zealand, Xero, Suncorp, Wellington City Council, ACT Government, Boston Consulting Group, the University of Auckland and many more. Head to (hidden) for more information. I began work with Smartalock shortly after their ideation in 2016 and I am to this date their sole industrial designer. Working heavily with their electrical and software departments, I designed the physical infrastructure of the electromechanical system. This involves: • A functioning lock-and-latch mechanism • Determining the correct external connectors and powering methods for components • Interface kiosk and card reader • Prototyping and testing product • Component drawings and recommendations for manufacturers • Marketing product renders See photos!
Published 3 years ago
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