Sensor Enclosure for Art Gallery Conservation

Designed against the following design requirements: 1) Designed for wall mounting 2) Designed for injection molding or another high volume manufacturing process 3) A place for a small (15mm x 10mm) window to allow light to pass through, parallel to the wall 4) Vents to permit air flow through the device enclosure 5) 60mm x 60mm x 20mm of internal free space to contain batteries, sensors and other electronic components 6) Designed to blend into a museum environment 7) Easily integrated into circular product flows, such as an enclosure that is designed for disassembly, refurbishment, etc and a design that uses pure materials that can be easily returned to raw material streams for recycling 8) Modular designs that accommodate individual parts that can be replaced or evolved over time 9) Materials that combine manufacturability with a low environmental footprint 10) Concepts that include low impact packaging options
Published 3 years ago
concept-design plastic-enclosure fusion-360