Roof-Mounted Autonomous Vehicle Sensor Platform

Developed and built a fully custom roof rack structure to connect autonomous vehicle sensors to a Chevrolet Bolt for use in the SAE AutoDrive competition. The design was primarily comprised of off-the-shelf components. The majority of machined components were designed to require only basic manual machining operations to fabricate; the exceptions to this were the components used to attach the roof rack to the Bolt's roof rails, which had to be milled using a 5-axis CNC process to match the profile of the roof rails. Those parts were 3D printed prior to milling to ensure correct geometry, thus avoiding excess expenditure and lead time. The roof rack remains on the University of Toronto's Chevrolet Bolt today, and has helped this vehicle obtain back-to-back wins in the first 2 years of the AutoDrive competition.
Published 1 year ago
automotive cnc-machining engineering robotics