PANCHAM FARM_ a countryside house

This 5045 Sq. feet, plot located at the outskirts of the Village provides serene experience amidst the urban chaos. The client wanted the space planning which can provide maximum interaction of spaces. The farmhouse is a clean and calm three-bedroom house designed for Rajesh Pandya and his family in his native town away from the city life. The client wanted a well-facilitated house with a great amount of simplicity and functionality which is easy to maintain. A place that can be used in multiple ways for gatherings and socializing. Pergolas are the main element of the house which gives the boldness to the structure at the same time infinity water body cum swimming pool provides the softness which gets merged very zen-like with the green surroundings. The patterned platform at the entrance covered with pergolas leads to the 10 feed wide carved and brass-embellished wooden door welcomes you to the house. Open space planning was the concept conceived for the better utilization of the house as directed by the clients where the main purpose is meeting greeting and socializing. Living and dining areas are kept near the entrance to enjoy the beautiful view of the garden. extension of the living area is a floating deck in the infinity pool that creates serene seatrout comprise of blues and greens around.
Published 1 year ago
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