OXYGEN SPLITER CHALLENGE_JAN 2016 My design is consists of two parts, body and rubber. The design not too simple and low cost. Advantages of this design are it have good quality for the body and easy for maintenance. Only change the rubber when needed. Outlet of the splitter is directed to rubber and hose in which the hose is slot into the rubber. To avoid oxygen from getting out through rubber, diameter of rubber for hose slot is slighly bigger than hose diameter to make it grip perfectly. Although the design is not same as my first entry, I still used soft rubber for the concept. There are 2 design types for that soft rubber inside splitter. 1) soft rubber with straight cutting edge (no clearance) 2) soft rubber with cross cutting edge (no clearance) *That soft rubber will functioning when there is pressure and remain still without pressure. *Soft rubber can be print or get from any sourcing and cutting must be done manually either cross.
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Published 2 years ago
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