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Residential, Institutional, Cultural, Commercial, Social, Entertainment & Urban architecture ideas. Master plans, floor plans and furniture layouts; Auto-Cad, 3ds Max and Photoshop work Elevations and sections; Auto-Cad, SketchUp, 3dxMax and Photoshop work Landscape layouts, sitting Pavilions, floral and trees layouts; Cad and Photoshop Visualization work 3D Renderings and animations; sketchUp work Interior and exterior Work; SketchUp, 3dxMax and Photoshop work Site analysis Conceptual sketches Master Plan Design Proposals Architectural Drawings Schematics and Spaces relationship design Final layout Interior lighting and fixtures layouts plus renderings Exterior lighting and fixtures layouts plus renderings Community space, social gatherings spaces plus visualization Landscapes environmental spaces (organic & vernacular) Celebrating outdoor spaces; wedding, Concert and party layouts Please Contact before you Buying order so that we can discuss the idea first. I am an architectural visualizer expert with 9 years of experience. I have worked on a variety of commercial and residential projects. Mahedi Hasan
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