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I offer solutions for: ***CAD Design * * * Design and reproduction of parts in CAD programs (Inventor, Fusion 360) * Package includes for a 3D model includes: -3D Model, -Technical drawing, -3D Animation -3D Rendering -3D Song archive + PDF Observations: -If you have archive with 2D drawings and want to turn them 3D * * *3D Printing * * * -Quick prototyping/Limited serial production Materials used in general: PET-G and PLA, etc. If you have an ideal 3D track in "STL format" and you want to print it 3D, contact me, we offer very advantageous solutions and very good quality! Observation: The format of the workpiece must necessarily be STL after you have saved the 3D model-then we analyze the piece to make sure it's ready to print! * * * Product Design * * * (If you have an idea, a concept for a product or want to do something new, we can collaborate!) * * *Interior Design * * * (Virtual Tour 720 + VR presentation) New! ***Van Design * * * 3D Modeling concepts for the construction of costumed on the client's request. If you want to have a super cool or super practical Van and you want to turn it into a commercial space on wheels. Contact us!
Published 1 year ago
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