Moire Yoyo

As part of the MIT class 2.008: Design and Manufacturing II, we were tasked with designing the parts to a yoyo using plastic manufacturing processes, like injection molding and thermoforming. To do this, we had to understand the constraints of the problem - such as the maximum diameter of yoyo that could be injection molded, and the required gap between the two halfs of the yoyo. After coming up with a design, we then had to design moulds on Solidworks and produce the G-code on Mastercam so that the molds could be machined on a CNC mill and lathe. Using these molds, we then had to create 50 yoyos (creating 100 of each part for the two sided yoyos) and measure the variation between parts to assess the process capabilities of the production. 
mastercam solidworks-2018 injection-mold-design