Mitsubishi Lancer components Mass Production Design

Mitsubishi Lancer changed to Proton Inspira. Plastic components does not have 3D CAD Data, only 2D Drawings available. Our objective is to produce parts in 3 months using reverse engineering method. Parts will be scanned using ATOS 3D Scanner to obtain wire frame and cloud points. The biggest challenge is to develop these components with limited reference data and to control the quality tolerance in the range of + - 0.2mm. Plastic Parts include Console, Delta Covers & Seat Anchor Covers. Keywords: Reverse Engineering (Cloud Points & Wire frame CAD Conversion), CATIA Surfacing & 3D CAD Modeling, CNC Prototyping, BOM Creation, 2D Assembly & Part Drawings, APQP Management, DFMEA, Gant Chart, TS16494, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing knowledge & Best Practise, Plastic Defects Control, Metal Stamping.
Published 4 years ago
2d apqp bom cad catia cnc dfmea engineering manufacturing surfacing ts16494