This is the microphone connector CAD (hidden) here the Hypophonia Amplification Device (hidden) Here the deal the dimensions are: height 2.5 inches, Length 2.5 inches, and width is 1.6 inches if you include the clip. for better dimensions detail look into the pdf for the hypophonia amplification device drawing I base my design off of the sony x11 ultraportable bluetooth speaker - (hidden) for me this is as small as it gets if you want quality sound and high volume. The volume control is the + and - signs on the mini-box device. and the P sign is for power. There is a switch as you request for the microphone connector CAD. this switch will turn off and on the sound. i also include a stl file so you can 3d print it out to have a better look at it.
Published 3 years ago
better design engineer