I Have design and develop mask Cutting machine for making 5 layer N95 Mask for low cost. Semi Automatic mask making machine The production line realizes the Semi-automatic production of plane mask,N95 mask, mainly including coil feeding, folding and pressing, mask forming, mask cutting, completing the whole production process from coil raw material to mask semi-finished product. The mask is comfortable to wear, no pressure feeling, good filtering effect, fit the face shape of people, widely used in medical, electronic mining, construction and other industries. Equipment features: 1. Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure balanced tension of raw materials and qualified rate of finished products 2. Adopt the first-line brand ultrasonic welding machine, with good welding quality and durability 3. Modular and humanized design, convenient maintenance 4. It can produce 1 to 5 layers of mask body (active carbon adsorption material can be added in the middle to produce anti haze mask), which meets the needs of enterprise production 5 The equipment has the function of total amount counting and batch counting, and the number of batch counting can be set arbitrarily 6. Changing the mold can produce different sizes and styles of masks
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